WACACO Nanopresso - Hand Powered Espresso Machine for Ground Coffee - Jungle Version

Dhs. 299.00
  • MASSIVE POWER - Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso is capable of reaching, with the h elp of your hands, a maximum of 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure
  • THE SMALLEST - Nanopresso's ergonomic design and shorter length makes it easy to hold and easy to pack
  • EVEN LIGHTER At just 336 grams, Nanopresso is engineered to be extremely light
  • EASY CLEANING - After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only few seconds

The Nanopresso main body has been covered with coffee doodles art, while a yellow accent has been given to the Nanopresso Case to perfectly match with the portable espresso machine. The result is a beautiful and very unique bundle.