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BELKIN Tempered Glass EZ Tray Edge to Edge Screen Protector for iPhone 11/XR

ScreenForce TemperedGlass is manufactured from high-quality Japanese Asahi glass—famed for transparency and clarity. The tempering process adds strength to provide advanced impact and scratch protection that withstands daily wear and tear. The real glass material has a smooth, tactile finish that looks, feels, and reacts like the screen beneath.

  • Tempering adds strength to the glass to provide advanced impact protection
  • Premium Japanese tempered glass engineered for multi-level impact protection
  • Scratch guard withstands scratches and scuffs to maintain your screen’s pristine appearance—tested to a maximum hardness rating of 9H
  • Intelligent glass composition means precision touch sensitivity to feel like the natural screen
  • Easy align tray means a simple, precise, and bubblefree application

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