BLACK EYE HD Series HD Macro 15X Smartphone Lens

Dhs. 159.00
  • The HD Macro lens has a 15x zoom with a focus distance of 20-26mm, allowing you to get up close and personal with any object?ÿyou capture?ÿClear and sharp detailed images
  • Double coated hand polished glass produces natural colors and?ÿprevents unwanted reflections
  • The Universal Clip attachment system works with smartphones,?ÿtablets and laptops
  • Can be used with front and rear camera
  • Works with dual lens devices

The HD?ÿMacro gives you full sensor sharpness to get you as?ÿclose as you can get to your image. Up your social?ÿmedia image game with close and detailed photos of?ÿanything in your world.