BLACK EYE Pro Fisheye G4

Dhs. 419.00 Dhs. 186.40
Brand: Blackeye
Optimized for mobile phones released 2018 and later
  • Get the ultimate 175 degree point of view POV look to your shots and truly show what you are seeing when capturing the moment
  • Cover epic landscapes without having to resort to panorama apps and stitching
  • Perfect for shooting landscapes architecture action sports road trips parties anything where you need to fit more in your picture
  • Triple sided AR plus coating on all glass elements to prevent unwanted reflection and enhance the colors
  • High end nano grinded glass optics to give you the best image quality in the market
  • Works with dual lens devices
  • Hand assembled and 100 percent quality checked
  • The Universal Clip attachment system works with smartphones, tablets, and laptops front and rear cameras
  • Works with dual lens devices