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CASE-MATE Safe Mate Device Cleansing Kit - Multi-color

Deep clean your device and extend the life of your smartphones and airpods with Safe+mate Device Cleaning Kit. This is the ultimate kit to remove dust, wax and dirt and also disinfect all your favorite devices.

The package includes:
(8) Antimicrobial Wet & Dry Wipes
(8) Antimicrobial Cotton Swabs
(2) Pointed Cotton Swabs
(2) Microfiber Cloths
(1) Internal Soft Bristle Brush
(1) External Cleaning Brush

  • ANTIMICROBIAL: Comes with germicidal, anti-micorbial Wet and Dry Wipes for deep cleaning your devices. Plus, anti microbila cotton swabs to remove lint and unwanted particles on your device.
  • INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL BRUSH: This cleaning kit comes with 2 sets of brushes to clean and sanitize both the internal and external part of your devices. Hard to reach and remove particles are easily disposed by the brushes.
  • BETTER AUDIO: Most of the common audio issues are coming from wax and dirt build up on the microphone and speaker grill and ports. Remove them with this cleaning kit and see the world of difference.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE: Safe+mate Cleaning Kit is safe be it on the screen or body of the devices. The tools are straight forward use and can clean your devices instantly.
  • FOR USE WITH MOST OF YOUR DEVICES: Use this cleaning kit for your modern devices be it computing, telecommunication, audio, and gaming.

    Warning: Contains small articles like cloths and brushes. Keep away from children's reach.