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CHIPOLO Card Ultra Thin Bluetooth Tracking Device

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Brand: Chipolo

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  • LOUDEST WALLET TRACKER AVAILABLE Chipolo Card is the loudest ultra-thin Bluetooth wallet tracker available today 95 plus dB Easily locate any lost items attached to your Chipolo Card through the Smartphone app
  • ULTRA THIN DESIGN At only 0 point 08 in 2 point 15 mm wide the Chipolo Card is about the size of a credit card and easily fits in your wallet credit card holder purse laptop or tablet case etc
  • IMPRESSIVE BATTERY LIFE We have reduced the battery consumption significantly using Bluetooth low-power high performance technologyChipolo Card will now actively track your items for over 1 year!
  • IMPROVED BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY The Chipolo Card now offers improved signal stability and strength between the Chipolo device and your smartphone to effortlessly locate all your lost items
  • EASY TO USE The smartphone app lets you see the time and place where your lost items were last seen When you get within signal range you can signal the device to ring loudly to easily find it