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ASOBU Wireless Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with a Speaker Lid 17 Ounce - White

  • SPEAKER BOTTLE - Our Wireless Bottle is the perfect water bottle to take on the go its insulated that will provide you hours of music and the beach, park or home.
  • BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE ��������� The speaker cap is easy to sync up with any cell phone or ipad so just turn it on an poof you���������ve got your mu"a-list-item">WATER RESISTANCE ��������� The lid can be washed (not immersed in water) without damaging the quality of your music so everything is clean and can last a lifetimeLARGE AND INSULATED ��������� At 17 ounce you can keep hydrated or caffeinated all day with cold or hot coffee tea water or beverage of your choiceDOUBLE WALLED ��������� Made with double wall insulation so the air stays out of your drink and the temperature st