ELEMENT CASE Black Ops For iPhone XS/X

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  • DROPSHOCK BODY: Exclusive impact absorbing three-layer design (aluminum, polycarbonate, TPU) dissipates energy to withstand extreme impact.
  • CNC MACHINED ALUMINUM: Side rails on the chassis are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, then bead blasted and hard anodized for a super tough stealth finish.
  • SLS SCREW LOCK SYSTEM:????The ultimate degree of protection 10 stainless steel screws secure the aluminum side rails to the DropShock Body (EC Hex Tool included).
  • G10 REINFORCED BACK PLATE CNC: machined military grade glass composite used to create a chassis that resists twisting and bending.
  • FAST TAP - CNC BUTTONS CNC: machined aluminum buttons protect iPhone controls while providing quick and easy use of volume and on/off functions.