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GAMESIR F1 Joystick Grip Mobile Phone Gaming Controller Handle - Blue

GameSir F1 Joystick Grip
With a grip of great innovation and passion, GameSir F1 Joystick was born to bring more changes to the daily lives of gamers.F1 features, the Creative integration Grip of a phone and a stick-on joystick.The solid-built Grip phone is not only your supporting phone but it enhances your gaming experience to the next level.The stick-on Joystick solves the problem of the joystick clumsiness of the touch display"Every movement more precision. Ideal for any game has a control pad on the display like Mobile Legends, sand of the sea, value, FIFA Mobile, Dragon Nest GTA and etc. Case for GameSir F1 Joystick grip makes your Legends unstoppable.


  • Compatible with all smartphones with touch screen.The Telescopic Arm Design allows you to fit any size of smartphone, EVEN is an adjustable case smartphone.
  • The handle has an ergonomic and comfortable design to relax your hand fatigue during the game for a long time."a-list-item">Conductive material with joystick gives players great manipulation physics, providing precise control over game characters, and can cope with easier positioning with more complexes.
  • The Joystick comes together with a unique rocker arm design, just install on the right or left hand side for your preference.
  • Perfect for any game that has a control pad on display like Mobile Legends, Sea Sand, Valor, FIFA, Dragon Roll GTA and etc.