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IFROGZ Little Rockerz Costume Kids Headphone - Panda

Dress up Your Kids’ Music Imaginative Volume-Limiting Headphones. The Little Rockerz Costume headphones display features which enhance the listening experience. Due to a built-in volume limiter the headphone volume won’t go above 85 decibels. With options for boys and girls, kids can choose the costume that best fits their personality.

  • 30mm drivers deliver crisp, clear sound so kids can fully enjoy their music, movies and games
  •  A built-in volume limiter won’t play music over 85 decibels, to protect kids' hearing
  •  A 1.2-metre cable offers plenty of length for your kids to really get into the fun. Coiled for extra safety, ideal for the younger listeners
  • The buddy jack lets children share devices
  • Multiple character choices so kids can use their imagination and enjoy hours of fun

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