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Insta 360


INSTA360 Air Camera for Android Devices (Micro-USB) - Black

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Turn your Android smartphone into a 360������ camera with the Insta360 Air. This lightweight and compact spherical camera connects to your device via micro-USB. Once attached, it can capture 360������ images and video. You can stream these images instantly or save them for later using the free Insta360 Air app and Insta360 Player. You can even switch to VR mode and use a VR headset (sold separately) to create a truly immersive experience. Beyond sharing experiences, the Insta360 can function as webcam for video conferencing using services like Skype or other meeting"list_22p_DbxsLr4MV-m3EOA_5T">

  • Designed for Android Devices
  • Dual 210������ Fisheye Lenses"listItem_1k-sWDbEV5fQJj1k-1SEFn" data-selenium="sellingPointsListItem">Real-Time Stitching
  • Output 3K Images & 2K Video
  • Virtual Reality Mode