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Kidkraft Turtle Totter Balance Beam

Break out of your shell and practice stability on the KidKraft Turtle Totter Balance Beam. Adorable turtles easily slide into a trio of wooden beams to create an instant obstacle course. Pretend you are crossing a river and your tortoise friends help guide you across. Watch out - one turtle has a tickly belly! You'll know by the squeaky sound when you step on its back. Set up a zigzag pattern, square or a long straight line. Want more of a challenge? Flip a turltle over and attach with key and it becomes a wobble board for a shaky-fun surprise. You can even stack the turtles to create extra height to climb. It's easy to move around in an instant; no hardware or tools needed!
  • Crafted of premium, recyclable materials for long-lasting play. Encourage balance in a fun way—hopping from shell to shell! Build gross motor skills with unlimited opportunities for climbing, crawling, walking and coordination. Jumpstart self confidence with low-level beams that are easy to navigate.
  • Ignite imagination with various scenarios for creative ways to play. Three wooden beams are sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Four plastic turtle balance stations (one with squeaky noise) Balance beam doubles as a wobble balance board. Multiple configurable setups keep the route fresh.
  • Turtles can stack to create elevation change and ramp. Easy to set up and reconfigure; no hardware required