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KIKKERLAND Cat Butt Magnet - Set of 6 - Multi-color

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Get a buttload of this! Cat lovers can’t wait to get their claws on these hilarious animal butt magnets from the hand and mind of Steph Mantis. If you’ve been sitting on that to-do list, why not avoid the cat-astrophe of losing your notes and let these furry butts sit on them instead?

These purrfectly petite plastic animal butts arrive in a set of six and feature different colors. Sizes vary and range from approximately 1 to 2 inches.

Great for gifting, perfect for giggling - each tail is a talking point. Share some Feline Fun with your family and friends! These plastic cat butt magnets will look great anywhere in your home! (Might we suggest your refrigerator, holding up that great salmon recipe?)

  • CUTEST MAGNET:  Keep your important notes and to-do list from getting lost and stay organized with these cat-inspired magnets.
  • DELIGHTFUL DESIGN:  Cat Lovers will be elated to get their hands on these adorable magnet organizer with 6 different feline tails.
  • VERSATILE USE: Use in the fridge, office, garage, and even at the door entrance as key holder.
  • PERFECT GIFT:  Cat Butt Magnets are ideal gift for family and friends and anyone who just can't resist these cutie, catty designs.
  • Adorable to use and easy to clean

    Measures approximately 2.5 to 5.0 cm