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LOOKABE Necklace Clear Case with Cord for iPhone 11 - Green

The Lookabe iPhone Necklace keeps your hands free – and your mind, too, because you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone or missing that one snapshot ever again! This stylish accessory allows you to carry your smartphone around your neck, shoulder or across your chest. You’ll never forget your phone anywhere, and you will always have it within reach for that selfie with your friends or a panorama shot of your latest adventure.
  • STYLE ICON – The transparent hard case is THE must–have accessory for fashion-aficionados | Carry your iPhone stylishly around your neck or across your chest | Never miss another chance for a snapshot
  • QUALITY – 1.5m premium strap made of multiple-braided, tear-resistant polyester fibres | High-grade brass elements | Especially robust | Dirt-resistant
  • COMFORT – Individually adjustable length | Skin-friendly | Extremely light | Raised frame protects your display | All controls easily accessible
  • PROTECTION – Drop-certified rugged TPU frame buffers bumps and minor falls | Keeps your hands free | Never risk a fractured display from falls again
  • DESIGN – The perfect color for every style: Nude, Emerald and Black | Waterproof, so perfect for your outdoor activities | Elegant design packaging

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