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NANOLEAF Shapes Controller EU/UK - White

Replacement Controller for any Nanoleaf Shapes product (all shapes).

  • CONTROLLER FOR SHAPES:  This controller is designed to work with Nanoleaf Shapes - Hexagons, Triangles, and Mini Triangles. This unit serves as the brain of Nanoleaf Shapes setup which carries wireless communication and lighting programs.
  • PLUG AND PLAY:  Like the controller that comes with the Starter Kit, this replacement controller is a simple Plug and Play solution and can be installed on any free panel port. 
  • CONTROL HUNDREDS OF PANELS:  This contoller can accommodate up to 500 Shapes panels. Extra panels and power supplies are sold separately.
  • WORKS WITH OR WITHOUT WIFI:  Once installed, the controller can work without WiFi connection and Nanoleaf application. Lighting programs are pre-installed and will generate light effects on its own. To maximize the full potential of Nanoleaf Shapes, download the Nanoleaf App and connect to WiFi.
  • DIY DESIGN:  Be imaginative and create your own design with Nanoloeaf Shapes. Explore the colorful and vibrant world of Nanoleaf with its intuitive and modular light panels. For more information, visit