NINEBOT Mini Pro White

Dhs. 1,399.00
Brand: Ninebot

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  • It is compact and lightweight, weighing only 12.8kg
  • Choice use of the structural metal magnesium alloy body, lighter and stronger
  • Speed of 16-18km / h, up to 22-30km riding distance on a single charge
  • Excellent stability and dynamic balancing
  • Able to engage 15 degrees steep slopes or crosses small obstacles with ease
  • Cool lighting system, for both safety and aesthetic performance
  • An intelligent battery management system (BMS) to ensure battery safety
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms automatically adapt to different driving habits, allowing users to obtain the best driving experience and safety
  • Smartphone connection, keep control of everything, and enjoy fun of smart riding
  • There is even a cool smart remote control to direct your Mini Pro within Bluetooth range