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Professor Puzzle


PROFESSOR PUZZLE Great Minds Collection 3D Wooden & Metal Assembly Puzzles - Set of 8 Men

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Celebrating the brightest and best of brains from all over the globe, these high quality wooden and metal puzzles are surefire winners. The broad appeal of this collection keeps it right up there as one of our best sellers year on year. Each puzzle has been thoughtfully coupled with a relevant great mind, with the box displaying a brief history of that famous person and how theyre connected with the puzzle.

Derived from 8 Great Minds comes the 8-Puzzle Set:
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  • 8 PUZZLES TO TEASE YOUR BRAIN: Solve your way through this set of 8 different wooden and metal puzzles, each paired with a Great Mind from history.
  • PIECE OF HISTORY: Learn a quick history lesson, as you use your physical dexterity to take apart and reassemble these challenging brain teasers.
  • DESIGNED for the puzzler looking for more than a single brain teaser, this set of puzzles will provide just the right amount of challenge needed to inspire the next Great Mind.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Built from quality wood and metal that makes the experience while solving the puzzles more interesting and fulfilling.
  • The Professor Puzzle Great Minds Collection Set of 8 contains 4 steel and 4 wooden brain teasers, which can all be pulled apart and put together with just the right moves.