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STIL-FIT Rower Machine Black Matt

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Redefining the rowing machine // STIL-FIT Rowing machine FLOW ONE

The perfect whole-body workout

Rowing is the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. All major muscle groups are intensively
trained, it stimulates the reduction of body fat and strengthens the cardiovascular system. A great and highly
effective whole-body workout.

Exclusive & modern Design

The new STIL-FIT Rower FLOW ONE sets a new standard with its unique design. The slender body with its beautiful
wooden casing integrates perfectly into any interior. It is available in different designs.

Powered by WaterRower

Thanks to the cooperation with WaterRower our rowing machine is on the highest level of technology. As the
components we are using are delivered by WaterRower we know that there will always be a perfect and smooth rowing feeling. While rowing you only hear the pleasant sound of flowing water.

Realistic rowing with water resistance

Water is the nature´s perfect resistance medium and that’s why we are using it with our new rowing machine FLOW
ONE. The resistance is very dynamic and adapts instantaneously to the intensity of your stroke. You set the resistance level by your stroke speed. As realistic and natural as possible!

Gentle yet effective

There is another important reason why we do use water – the risk of injury and excessive physical strain is minimized as the resistance adapts to the rowers power. The workout is very easy on the joints, tendons and ligaments, thanks to the smooth and rhythmic motion.

Powerful training computer

Our Rower is operated by a 4,3“ TFT Touchscreen. The user interface of the touch screen is self-explanatory and shows all necessary data clearly and beautifully arranged. The training computer stores data of up to 6 users and shows time, distance, time for 500 m, number of strokes per minute, calories, watt and pulse. There is also a pace-race mode.