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SUBMINIMAL NanoFoamer Portable Coffee Foam Maker - Black

NanoFoamer is a revolutionary new way to create smooth microfoamed milk at home for your flat white, cappuccino, or caffe latte. You can now create the highest quality velvety milk at home without spending thousands on an espresso machine.

The Microfoam created is so fine, you won't ever see bubbles and pouring this feels like pouring fresh paint rather than any kind of foam. Microfoam mixes with the espresso and crema, creating a velvet-smooth mouthfeel.
  • INEXPENSIVE: Create smooth microfoamed milk with the highest quality velvety milk anywhere without spending thousands on an espresso machine.
  • COMES WITH NANOSCREENS: Choose the fine or superfine NanoScreen to personalize the density of your microfoam. Additionally, churn for a shorter or longer time to adjust how much foam you make. Remove the screen for mixing hot cocoa and other drinks.
  • WATERPROOF: Just run it under the tap to after each use. We also made it waterproof anyway just to be extra safe
  • WALL MOUNT OR STORED: Keep the NanoFoamer close by at your coffee station, either mounted to the wall or in the drawer with the protective hood on.
  • PORTABLE AND BATTERY OPERATED: NanoFoamer is lightweight so you can bring it anywhere easily. It works with two AA batteries. We recommend using rechargeable batteries and keeping them well charged for the most amazing results.