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UNISTELLAR eQuinox 2 Smart Telescope - Gray

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Experience the beauty of outer space with the Unistellar eQuinox 2 Digital Telescope. It makes discovering the Universe accessible even in heavily light-polluted cities; thanks to its smart light pollution reduction capabilities.

  • FOR URBAN SETTING:  Observe galaxies, nebulae, and planets in full colour from even the most urban areas. Enjoy the click-and-wow telescope that is ready to explore space in just two minutes from anywhere.
  • SMART LIGHT POLLUTION REDUCTION:  Uses advanced image processing to filter out the effects of city lights, allowing for clear, high-resolution images of celestial objects. With the eQuinox 2, you can see the stunning blue and red hues of the Ring Nebula or the red spot of Jupiter, even from the heart of the city.
  • ENHANCED VISION TECHNOLOGY:  Utilizes image stacking and live image processing techniques to provide a truly unique viewing experience of outer space. By optimizing the images captured live by the telescope, this technology allows for unparalleled views of the cosmos.
  • AUTONOMOUS FIELD DETECTION:  No need for constellation knowledge, no polar star alignment: The eVscope 2 combined with the Unistellar app will automatically point & track your desired object. Spend more time exploring space and less setting up and calibrating.
  • UNISTELLAR APP:  Transform your smartphone or tablet into a cosmic command center with the Unistellar app. Easily access and observe thousands of space objects from our in-app catalog with just a single click and get detailed information about each of your chosen targets. Works with Android and iOS.