WISE PET My Cuddly Protector For 9-10" Tablets Splashy

Dhs. 131.00 Dhs. 54.10
Brand: Wise Pet
SKU: WP-900004
  • Wise Pet is a huggable protective cover. This makes the Wise Pet suitable for children. The cover is suitable for iOS and Android phones or tablets.
  • Compatible with: Smartphones and tablets
  • Smooth touch operation
  • Make the Pet alive with the special app
  • Made of soft material that will not scratch or tear. You can even hang Wise-Pet in the car with its plastic hook and a rubber loop
  • In order to use the Wise-Pet in the car, insert the plastic hook into its matching loop. Place the Wise-Pet with the strap on or below the head of the seat. Ensure that it is facing the child, and make sure that it is tightly secured. It is that simple! Now place the device inside the Wise-Pet and let your child play