WOODCESSORIES EcoSkin for for MacBook 13 Air and MacBook 13 Pro Touch Bar - Camo Gray

Dhs. 199.00 Dhs. 123.40

Gray / Macbook/Laptop Cases

  • Real Stone refines your Mac - The first stone skin in the world is designed to sustain: Our ultrathin MacBook cover is made from genuine stone and impresses with its incomparable look & feel.
  • Slim Fit & Ultra Light - Incredible dimensions of just 50 grams and a thinness of 0.8 mm our Mac cover from stone do not add any noticeable weigth to your Notebook. Discover a razor-thin shape!
  • Bendable like a Credit Card - Our innovative coating strengthens the surface and gives it an ultimate durability. All MacBook slate cover are bendable and almost unbreakable.
  • As Unique as Nature itself - Each stone is one-of-a-kind! No MacBook cover will ever look or feel alike and you will always receive your personal piece of nature.
  • Beautiful Patina & Aging - Similar to leather, slate and stone develop a beautiful patina in the course of time, creating an even more unique character &structure of your MacBook.