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LINKSYS Velop Micro Mesh WiFi 6 Node Dual Band AX3000 - White

The Linksys LN1200 is part of Linksys Cognitive™ Mesh  that provides you with an easy way to connect by consistently optimizing connectivity across all your devices. This item is a child node and requires a Linksys Velop Mesh parent router/node like Linksys LN1100. Linksys Cognitive Mesh technology figures everything out for you by making continuous optimizations that improve your connectivity across all your devices. For unparalled internet connectivity with zero dead spots, we recomment to take Linksys LN1100 which is the parent node and expand the mesh network with the Linksys LN1200s child nodes.

  • SMARTER WIFI NETWORK:  Cognitive Mesh technology intelligently optimizes network performance based on real-time data. It identifies & resolves congestion issues and manages signal & channel selection. 
  • FULL HOME COVERAGE:   With 1x Velop Micro Mesh parent node plus this Linksys child node, you can enjoy wire-like stability across 2-3 bedroom houses. Compatible with other Cognitive Mesh nodes such as Linksys MX6200 and MBE7000.
  • FOR GAMERS AND STREAMERS:  This WiFi 6 mesh router opens brand-new access to 160 MHz channels dedicated to the fastest & newest devices, with true gigabit speeds up to 2.5 Gbps.
  • WIRED-LIKE STABILITY:  Latest Qualcomm Platform enables lightning-fast performance for home and business WiFi. The router's system reduces network interference and caters to more devices without lags.
  • EASY SET-UP:  The user-friendly Linksys app guides you through the simple setup process. Access Parental Control features, create separate guest WiFi & remotely manage your network in the app.

* Linksys Cognitive™ Mesh technology
* AX3000 simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi® 6
* Up to 3 Gbps WiFi speed
* 2x2 spatial streams
* Plug-and-Play setup
* Night mode feature
* WPA3™ wireless security