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Along with an iPhone, a solid case and screen protection in UAE is also important to buy.

Below is the list of our favourite iPhone 13 Pro Max/ iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 mini / iPhone 13 cases in UAE that we highly recommend. 

Better be safe than sorry.

AirTag is a revolutionary Apple product. Pair it up with a cool AirTag accessory in Dubai and flaunt your love for tech!

While picking up the best accessory for AirTag make sure that you select the one which is rugged, classy and durable. 

In this blog, we have shared a few of our recommendations. 

We have curated a list of the coolest tech gadgets in Dubai, UAE.

Organize your work desk with Bluelounge cable organizer, add music to your gym sessions with Asobu wireless beats bottle, bring in lights with Nanoleaf and do a lot more with cool tech stuff from dxb. 

Winter is coming! You might crave for hot food and snacks, but how often do you reach out for a smart water bottle in UAE?

A steep decline in water consumption is common, but how can you still stay hydrated?


Introducing, Hidrate Spark Steel Smart Water Bottle. It is the most advanced way to stay hydrated.

Capture the finest moment with best phone gimbals in UAE.

Here are our favorite gimbals that you can buy to keep your smartphones steady during action shots. Get them all and turn on the camera fun with the best iPhone gimbals that lets you do it all!

Here is a list of the best iPhone cases that you should buy to keep your iPhone 13 protected.

Your phone case defines a lot about your personality. Choose it wisely.

Planning to travel any time soon? Wherever you go, take your music with you.

We have curated a list of Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are the easiest, most affordable way to spread sound from your phone or tablet across the hotel room, car, mountains or beach blanket.

Electric scooters in UAE are becoming increasingly popular. You can also check out Bird Birdie Kids scooter Dubai, it starts at a price as low as AED 399. Also, The Unagi model One is Unagi's top electric scooter product. You can buy electric scooters Dubai from 

Hello Tech Buddy,

We are electrified to see you here!

Today, let’s talk about wireless technology and how to pick the best wireless charger for iPhone and other apple accessories in UAE.

The wireless technology is convenient, clutter-free, optimal for battery health and, powerful.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Hello Coffee Lovers,
Welcome to the dxb blog!

Today we talk “coffee”! Every coffee lover is on a mission to find his favorite coffee blend and the best coffee machine! Look no more; the Wacaco Minipresso (WC-MINIP-NS) allows you to make coffee using your favorite Nespresso Capsules as well as ground coffee beans.

A recent study by the Gulf News reveals that, the children aged eight to 18 consume about eight to 10 hours of media content per day, not including for work or for school.

Undeniably, a significant rise in screen time has led to a number of health concerns among kids. Hearing loss however tops the list because it cannot be reversed, it can only be prevented.

It was not long ago when one loudspeaker was preferred for the entire family. It was so much easier to control the noise level through a common remote control. However, with the growing trend of online learning in UAE, kids are often using their own headphones and earphones. This makes it almost impossible to monitor the audio.