MOSHI Progeo Usb-C Laptop Charger

Dhs. 369.00
Brand: Moshi
SKU: MSHI-L-022147

Fast-charge your USB-C computer and more, with Moshi's compact ProGeo USB-C Laptop Charger (65 W). Equipped with the most advanced charging circuitry.

It supports the USB PD 3.0 profile (5/9/15/20 V) which provides up to 65 W of power to charge all your favorite devices, including your MacBook, USB-C phone and tablet, and even your Nintendo Switch.

The charger includes a Smart LED to indicate charging status at first glance. Built with safety in mind, the charger's power management circuitry provides over-current?ÿand surge protection, and is compliant with the US Department of Energy's Level VI efficiency standard.

The travel-friendly charger, part of the ProGeo series, features a slide on/off plug that can be easily swapped when moving between countries (adapter pack optional).