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Are you sure your kids are using the right headphones?

  • 2 min read

The Impact of Online Learning on Children’s Hearing

A recent study by the Gulf News reveals that, the children aged eight to 18 consume about eight to 10 hours of media content per day, not including for work or for school.

Undeniably, a significant rise in screen time has led to a number of health concerns among kids. Hearing loss however tops the list because it cannot be reversed, it can only be prevented.

It was not long ago when one loudspeaker was preferred for the entire family. It was so much easier to control the noise level through a common remote control. However, with the growing trend of online learning in UAE, kids are often using their own headphones and earphones. This makes it almost impossible to monitor the audio.

Hearing loss is something to be taken seriously. Did you know that hearing loss can cause:

  1. Delayed Speech
  2. Learning Problems
  3. Social Isolation
  4. Difficulty is conveying ideas and getting noticed

What can you do to make sure that kids’ audio is under a limiting range?

Buy safe headphones for kids that are designed exclusively to protect the child’s ears.

Buddy phones is one of the best headphones for kids in UAE. It is a trustworthy and dedicated audio brand for children and education.

Here is our favorite Buddyphones that you can check and buy online.

Buddy Phones Cosmos

BuddyPhones Kids Headphones Dubai

Why do we recommend this?

  1. It is wireless  so, no more messing around;
  2. It comes with active noise cancellation and volume-limiting circuitry;
  3. Kids-proof, totally. It is foldable and stackable;
  4. It has 18 hours battery life, which is just amazing;
  5. It empowers you to plug multiple listeners to one device. So, no more “my turn” fights;
  6. The hard case travel bag is absolutely adorable.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for something more economical, shop

BUDDYPHONES Explore from dxb.net and get 39% discount. Shop here  It’s a sale day it seems!

Buddy Phones Explore Headphones for Kids in UAE

The Buddy Phone Explore is also a good choice for maximizing the safety for your child. The build in microphone makes it a perfect choice to use with learning apps and zoom sessions.

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