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Best Apple AirTag Accessory in Dubai

  • 2 min read

When it comes to innovation, there’s nothing like Apple.

AirTag is a revolutionary Apple product. Pair it up with a cool AirTag accessory in Dubai and flaunt your love for tech!

While picking up the best accessory for AirTag, make sure that you select the one which is rugged, classy and durable to bear all the dirt and scratch that your new AirTag might face.

Use it to locate your ‘forever missing’ car keys or your glasses that gets lost when you need them the most of your traveling bag that needs to be looked after.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

1. DECODED Leather Keychain for AirTag

Decoded Leather AirTag             Apple_AirTag_UAE

Why do we love this?

Genuine leather!

You can feel it, it’s a class apart.

Sturdy Material

That lets you keep a track of your bag, keys or any other item that you would like to keep a track of.

Solid Fit

We tried pulling it out of the ring but, it didn’t. We failed, but you win big with this chic device.

2. BELKIN AirTag Secure Holder with Strap



Why do we love this?

Because we love Belkin!

Belkin has been our forever favorite, and we just can’t miss their recent innovation.

The structure is innovative and pretty

With a simple strap, it securely holds your AirTag while raised edges help protect it against scratches

Secure Lock

With Belkin, your AirTag is safe!

3. CASE-MATE Apple AirTag Kids Bracelet

case-mate_kids_bracelet_for_airtag casemate_airtag_for_kids

Why do we love this?

It is Super Comfortable

Finding your naughty kid has never been easier. Enjoy your morning walk without actually keeping an eye on them. Let them play, they are born to be unstoppable. CASE-MATE Apple AirTag in Dubai is here for the rescue!

Only Safety. No Sweat.

Quite often, kids complain about skin irritation due to wristbands.

With CaseMate, you can keep those worries at bay!

Durable Material

Yes, your child can wear it for long! It will stay. CaseMate promises quality.

4. CASE-MATE Apple AirTag Dog Collar Mount

  CASE-MATE Apple AirTag Dog Collar Mount  CASE-MATE Apple AirTag Dog Collar Mount

Why do we love this?


Imagine how cool your dog would look with an AirTag around his neck.

Safety and Confidence

No more, “Did you see?”. Find them using a smarter way with AirTag dog collar mount.

Premium Silicone Case

Built with a water-resistant silicone case with a durable outer shell case securely holds your AirTag.

5. NATIVE UNION Curve AirTag Case

 NATIVE UNION Curve AirTag Case  NATIVE UNION Curve _AirTag _Case_UAE

Why do we love this?

Look at the design! 

It’s so unique. We bet you won’t find it anywhere. 

Slim yet durable

This is the perfect choice for those who love classy collectibles! 


Native Union is an established brand in electronics. Native Union AirTag is a thing to rely on. 

Oh! So Sturdy Silicone Case

Keep track of all your essentials with a sleek and secure silicone case. Just snap your AirTag inside then loop it around your bags, luggage, and more.



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