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Best Phone Gimbals in UAE

  • 3 min read


Nobody likes shaky or blurred footage.

Your talent is special, so should be the video! Capture the finest moment with best phone gimbals in UAE.

Here are our favorite gimbals that you can buy to keep your smartphones steady during action shots.

FEIYUTECH SPG 3-Axis Smartphone & Action Cam Gimbal

FEIYUTECH SPG 3-Axis Smartphone & Action Cam Gimbal

This is our favorite smartphone gimbals because:

  1. We love the 360-degree pan axis. Greater opportunity to capture the world!
  2. Multiple working modes make the video looks super professional.
  3. The SPG knob ring is seamless and easy to use.
  4. It is compatible with both, android and iPhone. This makes us so happy!
  5. Talking about the battery? It has got a run time of up to 8 hours. What else do we need?

Where can you buy it?

Check www.dxb.net, this product is now available on flat 39% discount. You pay only 329.89 AED for this magical machine. Order now and explore the unexplored.

If you run a one-man-show, we suggest you go for PIVO.

PIVO Fast Auto-Tracking Smartphone Interactive Content Creation Pod

pivo pod dubai

It is a fast auto-tracking pod that empowers you to track every moment of yours with self-adjusting camera and lens.

Sounds cool, right?

Why we love PIVO?

  1. It is 2x faster with a rotation speed of 4 seconds per 360º. It matches the pace of somebody who is cool and quick, like you. If you are looking for speed, this is the go-to product. You can use Pivo to track any object and movement with Face, Body, or Action Tracking.
  2. It is powered by smart AI technology, and this feature fascinates us! Did you know it will let you take selfies by simply saying “cheese”?
  1. It comes with 12 special cinematic effects such as GIFs, Clone Trail, 360 Motion Timelapses, Tiny Planets or Panoramas. Take away: No editing skills needed.
  1. It is unbelievably portable! This is pocket-sized and super compatible.

You can get it online on dxb.net.

We also like DJI Osmo Mobile gimbals.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal

Why do we like it?

  1. DJI has a good name in the market and quality is pretty decent.
  2. It is lightweight and smartly built to adapt to the user’s requirement.
  3. The 3-axis stabilization provides smooth movement and makes it easy to achieve effects like a classic Hitchcockian dolly zoom.

PRO TIP: Club your phone with an extra lens and watch the magic unfurl!

The BLACK EYE Pro Kit G4 is available at a crazy discount of 80% on dxb.net.

It is the ultimate lens set for those who aim for the perfect shot!

Black Eye Pro Kit G4

Why we recommend this?

  1. The kit comes with PRO PORTRAIT TELE G4, PRO FISHEYE G4, PRO CINEMA WIDE G4 and an easy to pack zipper travel case with a carabiner hook. 
  2. The PRO PORTRAIT TELE G4 lets you go 2.5 times closer to your subject when it is physically not possible for you to zoom in! Thus, assuring that the subject pops out.
  1. The 180-degree Pro Fisheye G4 is the most used close-up lens that allows you to get close to the action while still capturing the surroundings.

  2. The 120-degree Pro Cinema Wide G4 with no corner distortion provides you the perfect cinematic experience in all your photos and videos.

Overall, it is a game changer, and you shall clearly see the difference that it brings to your photos and videos.

Get them all and turn on the camera fun with the best iPhone gimbal that lets you do it all!

Did you know, a recent survey by a leading PR agency in Dubai suggests that, “71 percent of UAE Residents Will Take advice from Social Media Influencers before Buying Products.”

Social media influencer in Dubai is a recent fad that has been emerging steadily. If you love taking pictures or video for leisure or for profession, you need to have these accessories handy!