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Bird Birdie Glow: Kids' Kick Scooter with LED Wheels

  • 1 min read
If not beach, then where?
 As the temperature starts to soar in Dubai, it’s time to find the best activity that keeps your kid active and away from the screen. 
How about some scooter fun? 
The latest release from Bird scooter, Birdie Glow, is a treat! 

Bird glow scooter Dubai

The wheels light up to create a visual thrill ride that can’t go unnoticed. 

Kids love bird birdie glow scooter, and we love to see them getting excited. 

What is so special about Bird glow scooter Dubai?

  • The embedded LED lights power up when the scooter starts to move, creating a visual delight for all.

Bird glow scooter UAE 
  • Ultra-wide footboards and wheels create a safe space for kids to have fun and maintain balance. 
Bird Birdie Glow
  • The height adjustable T-bar makes it easier to match the height of the scooter with the rider.
  • Fix the handlebar to a height that is suitable for now, you can always change it as and when the child grows.
bird birdie glow scooter 
        • Well-thought design and functionality make it a brand like no other.
        • Three wheels assure increased stability, and the stomp brakes make it reliable and trustworthy for kids’ safety. 

            bird birdie glow scooter Dubai

              If you are one of those moms who love to capture cool and classy moments of their babies, then this can be your go-to prop. 

              The scooter comes in soothing shades of RoseSky BlueBlack, and Twilight

              Bird Glow Scooter in Dubai

              Get it today and give your little one the perfect gift to flaunt its newly acquired cruising style. 

              Pro Tip: Buy it from dxb.netand ask for same-day delivery in Dubai. 

              Why keep kids waiting when they can have it all! 

              Order bird birdie glow scooter today!