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Gear Up for Academic Excellence with DXB.net's Back-to-School Sale: Unveiling Top Picks and Favorites

  • 3 min read

As summer bids its farewell and the promise of a new school year beckons, the hunt for the best back-to-school deals intensifies. Enter DXB.net's Back-to-School Sale for 2023 – your gateway to unbeatable savings on a wide array of essential items. From kids' headphones to tablet cases, we have got you covered. Let's delve into some mind blowing back to school deals online, ensuring you're well-prepared for success this academic season.



Enhance Focus with Kids Headphones

In an era, rife with digital distractions, equipping your young learners with the right tools is paramount. DXB.net is offering a spectacular deal on BuddyPhones School Plus Headphones, a mere steal at 149 AED. Engineered to deliver safe audio for kids, these headphones facilitate focused studies devoid of interruptions. The icing on the cake? DXB.net's Open Box deals unveil a crazy discount of 58% on BuddyPhones – a golden opportunity to grab the best at 49 AED only.


Tablet/Ipad Case Collection



Safeguard and Style with Tablet Cases

Undeniably, kids tablets require a robust protection. DXB.net's Back-to-School Sale brings to you an array of tablet case options, boasting discounts of up to 83%, STM iPad cases on sale stand as an embodiment of both security and style. The sale extends to Otterbox cases for iPads and tablets, flaunting an impressive 73% price slash on fresh units. For the style-conscious, the spotlight turns to Moshi iPad covers,that comes with a generous 65% discount to ensure safeguarding is a chic affair.


Stylus Collection



Awaken Creativity with a Cool Stylus

For the budding artists and visionary note-takers, Adonit Stylus in Dubai is an absolute game-changer. Now available at an eye-popping 57% discount across a spectrum of captivating variants. Liberating your artistic expressions has never been this affordable.




 Asobu Collection



Stay Hydrated, Stay Focused

The importance of hydration in increasing productivity is indisputable. DXB.net's Back-to-School Sale showcases a range of hydration solutions at irresistible prices. The Asobu water bottle, with a 40% reduction, embodies style as much as sustenance.







Elevate Note-Taking Elegance
Moleskine notebooks, synonymous with elegance and craftsmanship, have etched their mark in the world of note-taking. Now, your ideas can grace the pages of these timeless notebooks at an astounding 56% discount. Transcend the mundane; capture your thoughts and musings in a beautiful Moleskine creation.





CASE LOGIC Laptop Case


Organized Transport for Scholastic Ventures
Amid the hustle and bustle of academia, a well-organized carrying solution is indispensable. Enter CaseLogic bags, epitomizing efficiency and style. A huge 58% discount amplifies the appeal of these bags, ensuring your books and gadgets find a secure abode. Shop now to enjoy a seamless blend of function and fashion.







 Open Box Deals!


Experience Unrivaled Savings with Open Box Deals
Yearning for unmatched deals? Have you heard of dxb.net’s open box deals? These items, though extracted from their original packaging, maintain perfect working condition and peak functionality. These have either been returned or briefly showcased in-store. Get your hands on deals offering upto 88% discount! Each item is complemented by a one-month warranty, a testament to DXB.net's commitment to quality.


As you brace yourself for the awaiting school year 2023, DXB.net's Back-to-School Sale emerges as your quintessential ally. Shop now and seize the spectacular deals.