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Here’s how you can get FREE fresh juices anywhere anytime!

  • 2 min read

In the next 2 minutes, you will discover a power trick to stay energized all day long. 

As we approach March-end, Dubai heat has slowly started to show its true colors. 

But this hack can help you beat the heat, quite literally. 

Are we building it up too much?

Well, so here’s the deal.

Dxb.net offers an insane blendjet 2 discount code

Use code JET2 and get AED 30 off on your purchase. 

blendjet discount code

Isn’t it COOL? Having said that, did you know Blendjet 2 can crush ice too?

So, take it wherever you go and blend fresh smoothies, juices, cold coffee, hummus and what not?

 The sleek design and adorable range of colors make it a cool accessory to keep and flaunt.

 blendjet 2

Though Expo 2020 will officially come to an end today, many concerts and events are scheduled to be held in Dubai soon, people are rekindling their love of large events.

Your BlendJet 2 may help you stay hydrated and prevent the need to stand in a long line to get drinks. Worried about your neighbor? You won’t hear the whir of the quiet blades over the music.

 blendjet 2 dubai

Thinking of heading to an outdoor movie theater in Dubai? 

Finally, it’s the season for new movies and buttered popcorn. Curl up with your portable blender in a car, or keep it inside your tote bag. By the way, there are so many on-the-go cocktail recipes you can master with minimal effort. 

 blendjet 2 uae

Heading to a mall?

Fret not, you can simply buy fresh fruits from Carrefour or Spinneys and blend your juices on the go. The utility is 100% guaranteed! 

Still, giving a thought to it? blendjet 2 coupon code is certainly a catch! 

Shop blendjet 2 now from dxb.net.