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Sipping Coffee on Fridays!

  • 2 min read

Welcome the new workweek in Dubai with the best coffee machine in UAE

If coffee makes your heart goes Shalala Lala, here is a little something for you! 

Wacaco Picopresso is the most compact pro-oriented espresso machine ever. 

Forget the traditional bulky coffee machine, this beauty is so compact that it fits perfectly into the palm of your hands. 

This picopresso makes intense coffee shots with dense flavor that gives a kick right when you need it. 

Portable coffee machine in Dubai

When looking for the best coffee machine in UAE, always looks for these 5 factors:

Portability: It’s pocket-size, dude! What more could you expect! 

Ease of use: Simply press from your palm and get the coffee flowing…

Capacity: Do you require a full big mug of coffee? It’s good enough for “that one nice coffee shot”

Speed: It’s small, but it has mighty powers! 

Performance: You will get the finest coffee. 

Durability: It comes with a warranty of 2 years. Lasts way more than that. 

Wacaco Picopresso Dubai

What’s the best part about it?

You get to be your barista. The small size magic follows you wherever you go. 

It transforms an amateur into a pro coffee connoisseur. (Yes, sometimes we exaggerate but trust us, it’s worth a shot)! 

It’s a premium portable coffee-making machine in UAEthat is designed for those who never compromise on coffee. 

Wacaco Picopresso Dubai

The outer casing of the device is made of TPV, a durable vulcanized rubber. While the filter basket, shower screen, and piston shaft are made of stainless steel. The “portafilter” and included dosing funnel are aluminum; its seals are silicone, and its lid and other body components are plastic. 

Overall, it’s a five-star coffee machine in UAE that deserves a special place in your coffee collection. 

Wacaco Dubai

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