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Top 3 Electric Scooters in UAE

  • 3 min read

Hello Tech Lovers,

Being energy efficient is the new cool in the tech industry. Why stay back?

Buy electric scooters UAE
What if I tell you that you can be a part of this revolution as well, find the fastest way to travel your hood?

Yes, you heard it right, an Electric Scooter is all you need in UAE!

Electric scooters UAE are becoming increasingly popular, with several brands topping sales records in almost every country. While they are more common in some nations than others, their popularity stems from the numerous advantages they provide over other types of scooters and modes of personal transportation.

They are now becoming a symbol of modern transportation, and they can be seen in almost every area of Dubai. It’s your time now, hop on for a ride!

Using an electric scooter is not just about being energy efficient, there are a lot more advantages involved like:

  1. Improved body balance
  2. Better mobility for people with health issues
  3. Freshens up the mood
  4. Not to forget, the style

With so many people now developing interest in it, the supply has also increased with various companies developing them. You might end up being confused about which one to buy. This is why we are here to help! The following is a list of the top 3 electric scooters according to our research. Enjoy!

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 

On number 3 in our list is a brand which most of us are already familiar with. If you are looking for an electric scooter which is sleek and efficient, this one will do the job for you. This scooter is claimed to reach a max speed of 25Km/h on normal roads. And a full charge electronic scooter in Dubai can take you 45 kilometers. It offers an elegant design and multifunctional dashboard that will help you stand out in a crowd. It also provides you with fast acceleration, excellent speed, portability when folding, and ease of use; simply take it and go. It will only take 3 seconds to fold this scooter together. This will cost you AED 2,399 on Virgin Megastore website.


    1. Grabs attention with integrated LED panel in the front
    2. Maximum speed of 25 km/h*
    3. Lightweight with just 14Kg
    4. Comes with emergency dual braking system
    5. Easy locking system with an android app


    1. Tire is not durable
    2. Size is a bit large
    3. Handle is not foldable, using up extra space
    4. The throttle handle design is terrible
    5. Is not operational during rains


    Bird One  

    bird scooter in Dubai

    The second one which we have here is the Bird One. Bird has dominated the rental scooter industry with its amazing, durable scooters, and they're not going anywhere. Bird electric scooter in Dubai combines both durability and comfort. The Bird One is solid and powerful, which is what a fleet model should be. It comes with a 36V, 12800 mAh lithium-ion battery that can power the scooter for up to 25 miles on a single charge and offers a top speed of 18Km/h. This will cost you AED 3673 from their official website. It is currently on a sale price.

    If you want one for your kids, you can also check out Bird Birdie Kids scooter Dubai, it starts at a price as low as AED 399. 


      1. Steel-reinforced Aluminum frame offering durability
      2. Connects to its app offering anti-theft measures
      3. Robust motor
      4. Precise dual braking with regenerative function
      5. GPS-enabled for tracking and safety



      1. Not foldable
      2. A bit heavy as compared to its competitors
      3. No suspensions
      4. Expensive in relation to its competitors


      Unagi Model One 

      Unagi Electric Scooter Dubai

      Now comes our favorite, the Unagi Model One.

      The Unagi model One is Unagi's top electric scooter product. This scooter is equipped with the latest technology and features to make your everyday urban journey as smooth as possible. At first glance, it screams elegance, thanks to its sleek design, shiny frame, attractive display, and attention to detail that we haven't seen on any other scooter on the market before. This comes with a Lithium-ion 33.6 V, 9.0 Ah battery, offering a mileage of 15.5 miles (25 Km) per charge. The maximum speed which can be achieved on this is 20 mph (32 kph). 

      Buy it now for 3,999.00 AED.



        1. Strong and durable frame
        2. Portable and easily foldable
        3. The design is sleek and futuristic
        4. Fast charging
        5. IP54 water-resistant rating
        6. Best in class after sales service
        7. Intelligent battery management system


        1. There is no option of cruise control
        2. The price is higher than others, but justified


        We hope that you got all your questions answered here. Now go out and buy the best electric scooter in Dubai

        If you still have questions left, don’t worry.

        Contact us  

        We’ve got your back.