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You won’t know its worth, until you try it once!

Let Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo be your helping hand in daily life adventures.
Free your hands and explore every possible opportunity around you. Make cooking videos, play guitar or perform art, without bothering about holding your phone and ugh that mess.


Why we love HoverBar Duo?

  1. It holds iPad or iPhone in almost every position, height or angle that we want it to.
  2. It comes with both, a sturdy desktop stand and very reliable shelf clamp.
  3. Furthermore, it serves as a perfect cameraman while conferences or online office meeting.
  4. It gives freedom to those once tied, hands.

 Twelve South Hover

We often overlook our eyes and end up spending most of our time on the screens.

Working on iPads might be a necessity, but working with incorrect screen distance and height, need not be. Did you know, you should maintain a distance of 20-30 inches (50-75 cm) between your eyes and your screen.

Adjust the screen’s angle to be comfortable for you.

With Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo, you get to hold your iPad or iPhone in infinite positions, heights and angles.

Simply lift your iPad to your eye levels and attend Zoom calls with free hands.

Nonetheless, free hands mean power to do so much more.

If you are an influencer, this has to be in your list!

Get it now from dxb.net for yourself, or gift it to someone who you think needs it the most!

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