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BELKIN BoostCharge 4-Port Charger 30W with Clip - 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A Ports - 2M Cable - Black

Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE 4-Port power extender offers convenience and versatility featuring 2x USB-C and 2x USB-A ports, allowing you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. Its built-in 2-meter extension cord enables flexible placement of the ports exactly where you need them, eliminating the hassle of reaching distant power outlets. The detachable clip adds an extra level of convenience, keeping your cables organized and secure.

  • CHARGE 4 DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY:  The Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE 4-Port power extender allows you to charge up to four devices at the same time. Conveniently power up your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices all from a single power source.
  • 2X USB-C, 2X USB-A:  The USB-C ports offer 15W power output to charge recent devices such as iPhone, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phone, tablets and more. For legacy devices, use the USB-A ports that provide 12W maximum power.
  • FLEXIBLE & PORTABLE:  The built-in 2-meter extension cord provides flexibility in positioning the ports exactly where you need them so say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with limited power outlet access or tangled cables.
  • DETACHABLE CLIP:  The included detachable clip helps keep your cables organized and secure so more cable clutter and enjoy a neat and tidy charging setup.
  • USER FRIENDLY:  Designed for easy use, the power extender offers a seamless charging experience without complicated setup or configuration, allowing you to start charging your devices right away.