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BELKIN iPhone 14 Pro Max Privacy Screen Protector - Clear

TemperedGlass Privacy Treated Screen Protector offers a privacy feature that blacks out your screen from the sides in portrait mode while still allowing you to share content when you want to in landscape.

  • PRIVACY SCREEN TemperedGlass Privacy allows you to enjoy full screen privacy in portrait mode, keeping your emails, texts, and photos protected from prying eyes. If you want to share what’s on your screen, simply flip your phone to landscape mode for an unobstructed view from all angles.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL COATING Everywhere we go, our phones collect microbes- from our fingers, pockets, purses, or car seats. The glass contains an antimicrobial agent to protect the product from microbial growth that causes discoloration and degradation. 
  • DROP & SCRATCH PROTECTION Belkin TemperedGlass screen protection provides multi-level protection and is extensively tested to withstand deep-level damage caused by occasional drops and impacts. Proven in testing to have a hardness rating of 9H, it’s the highest level of scratch protection available.
  • STUNNING CLARITY The screen protectors are tested to the highest optometric standards. Designed and engineered from high quality, durable Japanese glass to deliver the brightness, sharpness and detail you expect from your iPhone screen.
  • WORKS WITH DYNAMIC ISLAND ScreenForce is designed to work with the Dynamic Island feature on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max — there is no physical cutout, so the area remains smooth to the touch.