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BELKIN iPhone 14 Pro Max - UltraGlass Antimicrobial Screen Protector - Clear

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Incredibly strong and incredibly slim. UltraGlass is scientifically engineered to make it twice as strong as TemperedGlass without adding thickness to your screen. In fact, its actually thinner than TemperedGlass.
The double ion-exchange glass screen protector made for iPhone 14 series devices delivers ultimate durability and resilience. Plus, the anti-microbial coating reduces bacterial growth on your screen without sacrificing touchscreen response or clarity.
So go ahead. Drop your phone. Bang it. Bump it. UltraGlass can take it.

  • ULTRA TOUGH GLASS: UltraGlass with German-engineered technology, powered by Schott Innovation, delivers the next generation of screen protection. UltraGlass is double strengthened for ultra-impact protection, minimizing the damage from drops and impact. Plus, it comes with patented easy application tray for easy, bubble-free installation.
  • ULTRA SLIM PROTECTION: Attion, and arguably the strongest on the market. Its multi-layered protection is so thin, that you can barely tell its there.
  • REDUCED DISCOLORATION AND DEGRADATION: Extend the lifetime of your screen protector and protect it from the discoloration with the anti-microbial treatment thats included in the glass. It protects your screen from microbial growth often found on your hands and surfaces your phone encounters that can cause screen protector degradation.
  • ANTI-FINGERPRINTS, AS CLEAR AS GLASS: Enjoy all the protection without any visual compromise. This protectors real glass composition will give you the superb screen clarity youve been searching for. Maintain a pristine screen display for streaming, reading, and any other phone activity with the anti-fingerprint coating feature.
  • SCRATCH PROTECTION W/ 100% TOUCH REACTION: UltraGlassnd anything in between, your screen will be safe from any object that can leave marks. This protectors thin precision cut, and its intelligent glass composition make it highly sensitive to pressure, ensuring every touch is transferred accurately to the screen beneath.