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BELKIN Tempered Glass Screen Protection for iPad Mini 5/4

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SCREENFORCE tempered glass screen protector for iPad protects the screen from day one and keeps it beautiful and easy. Tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass, and provides elastic anti-wear protection for your iPad screen. Carefully selected from high-quality Japanese glass, which retains the smooth touch of the screen and has been tested multiple times to provide your iPad with the brightness, sharpness and sharpness you expect. It is compatible with Apple Pencil, making it easy to take notes or design seamlessly. Comes with a simple alignment bracket for easy and accurate installation for best protection.
  • Passes scratch and crash tests - Carefully selected from high-quality Japanese glass, your iPad screen always maintains excellent crash protection and enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance. We also perform rigorous tests to prevent the screen from surface damage caused by contact with hard metal objects such as keys and coins. Repeated tests have proven that the hardness rating reaches 9H *, and the anti-scratch protection function is the best in the market.
  • Compatible with APPLE PENCIL and Apple cases - This precision-fitting screen protector has a highly sensitive touch, and you can use Apple Pencil to fill, paint, or take notes smoothly without any notice. In addition, our screen protectors are compatible with most Apple cases to give you all-round protection.
  • Clear and thorough - We test screen protectors to the highest optical standards. Designed and manufactured using high-quality, durable Japanese glass, it delivers the brightness, sharpness, and detail of the iPad screen you expect. We have developed a crystal-clear protective layer to provide you with the original visual experience of the screen.
  • Keep the original natural screen experience - The glass material allows your fingers to slide smoothly on the screen protector and feel like a device screen. The ultra-thin 0.29 mm glass keeps the touchscreen sharp and accurately responds to your touch operations. In addition, the advanced anti-fingerprint coating has been carefully designed to help keep the screen clean and look sharper.
  • Simple and accurate installation - Accurately fitted screen protectors provide better protection for your iPad. Just use the included Easy Alignment Bracket to smoothly align the screen protector with your iPad screen, easy to use, and leave no air bubbles.