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BUDDYPHONES Fokus+ Hybrid Anc Headset - Blue

Introducing Fokus+: the wireless headset redefining your audio experience. With multi-microphone hybrid ANC, superior audio quality, and a game-changing wireless charging stand, Fokus+ sets the benchmark for wireless headphone technology. Ideal for professionals and students, Fokus+ is perfect for work, online classes, podcasts, calls, and more. Its intelligent FokusMode enhances vocals, ensuring fatigue-free listening and clear conversations during meetings or podcasts. Upgrade your audio world with Fokus+ today.
  • HYBRID ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION:  Fokus+ advance hybrid ANC technology with multi-microphones setup shields you from distracting noises and allows you to concentrate on your work or calmness.
  • 3 LISTENING MODES:  Features 3 distinct listening modes: FOKUS delivers vocals with greater quality; HEARTHRU lets you hear your surrounding; MUSIC provides full range of sound with crystal-clear quality.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING STAND:  The FOKUS+ boast the convenience with its wireless charging stand, enabling a seamless and user-friendly experience. Simply place the headphones on the stand and it will automatically switch off and start charging.
  • UP TO 50 HOURS BATTERY LIFE:  Fokus+ has amazing battery life that provides 50-Hour playback audio or 42-Hour playback audio + ANC. Comes with 3.5mm cable for wired connectivity. 
  • DETACHABLE BOOM MIC:  Comes with high performance boom mic that delivers your voice to the world loud and clear. Detach and the built-in mic provide convenience on the go.