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CASE-MATE Magnetic Loop Grip works with MagSafe - Sparkle White

Stay in the loop. The MagSafe Soft Loop Phone Grip automatically aligns and attaches to your MagSafe compatible case or device. Perfect for getting a better grip on your phone, taking selfies or texting- this accessory lets you do more.

  • GRIP FOR YOUR MAGSAFE CASE:  Smart design that lets you carry MagSafe case easily and more secured. Take selfies or groupies with much added stability and security.
  • STRONG BUILT-IN MAGNETS:  Case-mate Loop Grip is built with strong magnet able to carry 3x the wieght of the phone! Now that’s amazing!
  • SLIM AND SLEEK:  The Case-mate Magnetic Loop Grip is made from a lightweight, slim profile silicone material that won't add bulk to your phone.
  • VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY:  The magnetic loop on the Case-mate grip also allows for convenient text assist or phone grip while on a call white being trandy and fashionable with colors to choose from. 
  • EASY INSTALL AND REMOVE:  The MagSafe Soft Loop Grip is designed for MagSafe-compatible cases. It is important to check that the phone case you have now or plan to purchase is MagSafe-compatible before purchasing MagSafe accessories. Note that MagSafe Soft Loop Grip will need to be removed when you are ready to start wirelessly charging.