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IOTTIE Auto Sense Automatic Wireless Charging Dash Mount - Black

The iOttie Auto Sense is an advanced automatic clamping wireless charging car mount designed to maximize convenience and power on the road. Mount smartphones instantly with the Auto Sense feature that is powered by a proximity sensor. To mount smartphones automatically, simply place the device near the mount cradle to engage a servo motor, and the Arms will automatically close to secure the device. An available Reflective Sticker is included for use on black or matte finish phones and cases to enhance device detection. Once mounted in the cradle, Qi wireless charging technology delivers power to the smartphone automatically without the need for additional charging cables in the car. Retrieve smartphones by simply tapping the two Release Buttons on the side with a quick one-handed motion. The iOttie Auto Sense automatic clamping wireless charging car mount delivers power and convenience to any vehicle for a safer driving experience.

  • Automatic clamping: proximity sensor detects and secures smartphones
  • Qi Certified, wireless charging 7.5W (iPhone) and 10W (Android).
  • Smartphone Release Buttons
  • Expandable and shock absorbing Telescopic Arm
  • Adjustable Foot to support smartphones
  • Reflective sticker enhances detection of black or matte finish phones and cases.
  • Super strong Suction Cup installson smooth or textured surfaces.