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Subminimal - NanoFoamerPRO - Black

NanoFoamer PRO is a revolutionary hands-free microfoam milk maker that creates the smoothest microfoam imaginable at the push of a button. Perfect for dairy milk and plant-based milks, thanks to the three included flow controllers. Make yourself a barista-quality cappuccino without an espresso machine steam wand.

  • SUPERFINE MICROFOAM: Experience the smoothest, finest microfoam from Nanofoamer Pro. The foaming process balances temperature and aeration with the impeller speed of up to 8000 RPM!
  • PREMIUM AND SUPER EASY TO USE: The set come with a milk jug, a top-install foamer, and a heating pad all in one. Select a flow controller for your milk type, then choose from 5 different foaming program, and finish by pouring your materpiece.
  • FLOW CONTROLLER: Select whichever of the three flow controllers you prefer. Black is for dairy, blue & green are for milk alternatives. Experiment to see which best suits your milk.
  • PERFECT WITH MILK ALTERNATIVES: NanoFoamer PRO is designed to work with milk alternatives as well as dairy milk. Choose from Almond, Oatly, Bonsoy or whichever brand you prefer. A rich, velvety milk os waiting for your in just 2 minutes or less.
  • PRECISE PORTION: Detailed volume markings on the flow controller allow for precise potions to be prepared repeatedly, improving consistency and reducing wastage.