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BELKIN UltraGlass Antimicrobial -Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 15 Pro Max - OVR

Now up to 2.7x stronger than tempered glass†, but just 0.29mm thin. UltraGlass 2 screen protectors are Belkin's strongest and most durable yet. Engineered to look and feel just like your iPhone screen and protect against impact, scratches, cracks, smudges, fingerprints, and more. The glass contains an antimicrobial treatment to protect the product from discoloration and degradation. With the included Easy Align tray, installation is a breeze and precision application is ensured.

  • 2.7X THE STRENGTH OF TEMPERED GLASS: Get top-of-the-line protection with first-of-its-kind UltraGlass 2. This double strengthened glass is tested and proven to have up to 2.7x better drop protection than tempered glass, plus better daily wear and tear.
  • SUPERIOR SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Proven to carry a hardness rating of 9H after rigorous testing, this ScreenForce UltraGlass 2 screen protector provides your iPhone 15 the highest level of scratch protection available.
  • ULTRA-SLIM, ULTRA-PROTECTED: At just 0.29mm, this screen protector is among the thinnest in the Belkin collection, boasting one of the best thinness-to-strength ratios on the market. Its multi-layered protection is so thin, you can barely tell it’s there.
  • FULL SCREEN COVERAGE: 2.5D edges are compatible with most iPhone cases and keep your entire phone screen protected without compromising touch sensitivity or visual clarity. Your phone's screen remains covered even when dropped on its edge.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR: Extend the lifetime of your screen protector, as the glass contains an antimicrobial treatment to prevent discoloration. Plus, your screen's resolution and color are projected accurately through the tempered glass screen protector.