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[OPEN BOX] CASE-MATE Tough Sport Apple AirTag Case w/ Strap - Blush

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Loop it. Ping It. Find It. Secure and protect the things that mean the most to you. With the durable Tough Sport AirTag Case, you can rest assured that your AirTag is in place. The innovative design features an ultra strong strap that easily loops onto your keys, luggage, purses, and anything else you want to keep track of.

  • * ULTRA-SECURE LOCK: The Tough Sport AirTag case with Strap secures easily your AirTag inside and loops to keys, luggage, purse, and bags.
  • * SCRATCH PROTECTION: Thoughtfully designed, the Tough Sport case features a raised edge that helps prevent your AirTag from getting scratched.
  • * OPEN DESIGN: The Tought Sport Case firmly grips the edges of your AirTag while keeping the elegant design and personalized engravings exposed. Choose from four colors to personalize your look.
  • * DURABLE OUTER SHELL: The strengthened outer shell keeps the AirTags safe and in style with different color options so you can mli>* ULTRA STRONG STRAP: The strap is tested to survive even rigorous use. From travel luggage to that special keepsake, just loop your AirTag on and you����ï