OLLOCLIP 3-In-1 Lens With Pendant And Stand Black / Black for iPhone 8-7/8-7 Plus

Dhs. 35.20 Dhs. 29.00
Brand: Olloclip
SKU: OC-0000213-EU
  • Fisheye: Creative freedom through a unique 180 spherical effect with endless possibilities. Our brand new supercharged Fisheye is handcrafted to deliver crisp imagery with the widest field-of-view. A common favorite in skateboarding, the Fisheye lens is perfect for adding a unique perspective to almost any setting - including 360 degree VR shots of landscapes, portraits and even selfies with a group of friends.
  • Super-Wide: Capture more landscapes and more friends through our all-new advanced 4-element lens with over 120 field-of-view. The Super-Wide lens captures almost double the field-of-view of iPhone's native camera with maximum sharpness and minimal distortion. Great for panoramic scenery and tight interior spaces.
  • Macro: Get 15x closer to analyze, document and share beautiful macro photos and video with greater depth-of-field and less pincushion distortion. Transform iPhone into a digital microscope and go beyond what the human eye can observe to see the details in fabric, flowers and other textured materials.