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PANZERGLASS Bundle Case, Screen Protector and Camera Lens for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - Clear

PanzerGlass ClearCase + Screen Protector + Camera Lens Guard for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is your ultimate uncompromising protection against drops, dust and scratches. Crafted with PanzerGlass + a soft TPU frame ClearCase fits right over the buttons for easy and full access to all functions. The ClearCase coating prevents discoloration and does not affect the wireless charging. The ClearCase has a perfect alignment with PanzerGlass screen protector and camera lens guard that come as a bundle for complete protection.

PanzerGlass ClearCase + Screen Protector + Camera Lens Protector is the perfect protection bundle for your Sasmsung phone.

  • COMPLETE 3-IN-1 PROTECTION: PanzerGlass bundle provides ultimate protection to your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra - 1st: A clear drop protection case. 2nd: Durable Tempered glass with Classic Fit. And 3rd: Camera Lens protector to complete full protection you can count on. Now, you can go out and have it your own way.
  • DROP PROTECTION CASE W/ ANTI DISCOLORATION: PanzerGlass ClearCase provides drop protection to your phone without additional weight and bulk to your device. Using its very own technology, the case does not turn yellow even after long period of use.
  • CLASSIC SCREEN PROTECTION: The PanzerGlass screen protector with antibacterial coating protects your screen from scratches and bumps. The Classic (Standard) Fit glass is reduced in size and features full silicone adhesive which gives perfect touch sensitivity whilst still delivering the superior PanzerGlass strength.
  • CAMERA AND LENS PROTECTION MUST HAVE:  PanzerGlass Picture Perfect camera lens protection keeps your Samsung's camera and lenses safe from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches so you get those picture perfect shots without worries.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:  Not only complete, this PanzerGlass bundle is easy to install and will fully guard your phone in minutes. Truly, this bundle provides the best protection and value for your money.