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PANZERGLASS iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max - Camera Lens Protector - Clear

The latest smartphones feature dramatically more powerful camera systems. However, all this advanced technology amounts to nothing if you scratch or crack your lenses, leaving you with a permanent scar on future photos. With the PicturePerfect Camera Lens Protector, your camera and lenses are safe from accidental drops on stone-hard floors, bumps against sharp corners and the screeching kiss of keys in your pocket. And if youre worried about image distortion, you can rest easy: The camera lens protector doesnt in any way affect the clarity of your lenses nor the quality of your photos it just gives you a bit more peace of mind.

  • CAMERA AND LENS PROTECTION MUST HAVE: PanzerGlass Picture Perfect camera lens protection keeps your iPhone's camera and lenses safe from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches so you get those picture perfect shots without worries.
  • FINGERPRINT SMUDGE-FREE: The lens eing passed thru the camera lenses leaving a smooth, smudge-free photos.
  • ZERO IMAGE DISTORTION: PanzerGlass has perf"black ring' technology that keeps all the images and videos from distortion all the while giving you peace of mind while taking those snaps and video recordings.
  • DURABLE YET LIGHTWEIGHT: The camera lens protector is made from lightweight and durable materials. It is shock and scratch resistant and preserves the aesthetic appearace of your iPhone's rear look. If anything, it makes the phone looks more stunning..
  • EASY INSTALLATION & CASE FRIENDY: PanzerGlass Picture Pefect lens protector for iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max is easily installed in minutes and is case friendly so you can use the same one on most cases. We recommed our very own Panz