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SCOSCHE BlueTooth Transmitter Airline Adapter - White

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The Scosche BTT-SP Flytunes Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter wirelessly transmits audio from a single Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth source with an AUX 3.5mm output port over a Bluetooth connection to either 1 or up to 2 devices with crisp, crystal clear sound. Use it to listen to a movie on an airplane or as passengers in a car via wireless earbuds, headphones or another Bluetooth compatible device. The Bluetooth range is approximately 30-feet, so youll no longer have to unplug headphones or miss the movie if you move around the plane. The transmitter also works with non-Bluetooth devices by plugging it into any 3.5mm AUX output port allowing you to use your Bluetooth headphones and earbuds with an iPod Shuffle, old-school CD or cassette tape player. FlyTunes is compatible with in-flight airplane entertainment, gym machines, gaming devices, TVs over Bluetooth or Non-Bluetooth 3.5mm AUX devices for streaming audio to Bluetooth devices such as AirPods, earbudsOTH WIRELESS AUDIO STREAMING: Wirelessly transmit audio to devices over Bluetooth from in-flight entertainment systems, gym fitness machines, gaming devices, TV and more using FlyTunes Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous music play or 180 hours of standby time. Easily recharge the battery from any USB port with the included USB-A to USB-C charging cable.
  • FOLDING AUX 3.5MM PRONGS & BUILT-IN CONTROLS: Use with either Single or Dual 3.5mm AUX output ports. Power FlyTunes on/off, play/pause audio streaming or pair it with 1 or 2 Bluetooth devices using the multi-function button (MFB).
  • LED INDICATOR: The LED indicator flashes blue when powering on, blinks between blue/red during pairing with a single or dual device, then turns solid red during charging and solid blue once fully charged.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Works with in-flight airplane entertainment, gym machines, gaming devices, computers, TVooth 3.5mm AUX port devices to stream audio to Bluetooth devices such as Apple AirPods, earbuds, headphones and more.