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TWINKLY FLEX Starter Kit 3M - 300 LEDs RGB LightApp-Controlled Flexible Light Tube Gen II - White

Twinkly is the most advanced product for light decorations and a real innovation for the lighting industry which transforms a space illumination into a high-resolution gradient 3D atmosphere.

Twinkly Flex is a smart, neon-like, flexible LED tube that can be controlled via app and vocal assistants. Twinkly Flex can be shaped any way you want, bringing new levels of lighting design and creativity in your connected home.
  • SHAPE IT: Flex can take any shape you want. Get inspired from the templates included in the box, or create your own.
  • MAPPABLE LIGHTS: Like all Twinkly products, Flex can be mapped, and every single LED can be controlled individually to let you create and reproduce unique effects, gradients, and color animations.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Flex works on Bluetooth and WiFi so you can have full control over the lights using Twinkly app over mobile devices (Needs Bluetooth connection during set-up and wifi while in use). Also supports voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit.
  • FOR THE GAMERS: Thanks to the revolutionary technology, Twinkly brings gaming to the next level via its integration wiudio.
    Get the ultimate multi-sensory gaming experience.
  • INCLUDED & DOWNLOADABLE SHAPES AND DESIGN TEMPLATES: The pacakage includes 4 distinct patterns with easy to follow instruction. Plus, you can find on Twinkly website A2 paper templates with new shapes to easily replicate the designs created by collaborative artists. Feel free to download them.
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX:1xLED tube+controller, 1x Power adapter, 1xquick guide, 16xclips(12 straight clips+4 90 degree clips), 2xcable holders, 2xA2 pap