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XGIMI Multi-Angle Stand for MoGo & Halo Series - Space Grey

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XGIMI Multi-angle stand for Mogo and Halo Series offers a 120° adjustable angle for multi-angle rotation, allowing seamless transitions between wall and ceiling projections. Its user-friendly design ensures effortless installation and adjustment, facilitating quick changes in the projection angle. Suitable for various settings, including home theaters, conference rooms, and classrooms, it's versatile and accommodates different needs. Crafted from high-quality materials, the mount provides sturdy stability and exceptional durability, ensuring your projector remains securely positioned as desired.

  • MULTI-ANGLE ROTATION:  120° adjustable angle that  easily switch your projected image from the wall to the ceiling. Perfect for your living, entertaiment, or bedroom. 
  • FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT:  Effortlessly install and adjust your projector with this mount, enabling easy projection angle changes.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION:  This mount's flexible rotation suits diverse settings like home theaters, conference rooms, classrooms, and more, catering to your every setup.
  • STURDY AND STABLE:  Built with premium materials, this mount provides exceptional stability and durability, securely fixing your projector in the desired position.
  • COMPATIBILITY:  Designed to work with Halo and Mogo series and similar sized projectors.